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Stones Farm

Stones Farm aims to serve residents and the ongoing regeneration of the Sittingbourne corridor, through the introduction of sustainable practices and community enhancements. With measures in place to protect the impact on local wildlife, the development will introduce reptile enhancement, ecology bunds and hibernacula areas, installation of bat boxes, hedgehog safe routes, artificial badger setts, water vole habitat enhancements, and a sustainable urban drainage system, including attenuation ponds.

The creation of 15 hectares of new public open space, will see the planting of over 2,500 trees, including a community apple orchard located within Orchard Square. This mixed-use development will also include the construction of retail units and community facilities at Stones Square, further promoting new jobs, and will support businesses by using locally sourced materials, including Smeed Dean brick from Sittingbourne brick works.

Across the site, electric vehicle charging points will be introduced to over 450 houses, solar PV panels will be fitted to c.150 houses to ensure that dwellings are self-generated, and the removal of overhead power lines will enhance the local area and skyline.