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Regeneration & Building Communities

Our construction projects are about providing communities with more than just new buildings; we focus on regeneration from beginning to end.

We ensure that each development we work on is assessed individually, and schemes are created with enhanced landscaping, multi-use games areas, children’s play-areas, public open green spaces, boulevards, squares, and cul-de-sacs.

We always try to minimise any disruption to existing communities and build homes that have a long lasting impact on the area, and also encourage social interaction between neighbours and create a sense of community. By being involved in every stage through planning, construction and completion, we can ensure this is achieved.

Joint Venture

Our Project Management team works collaboratively with local authorities and housing associations in the South East to provide mixed tenure developments, and has the expertise and experience to manage the construction process from start to finish.

We also enter into joint venture agreements with private landowners, assisting by putting together proposals to maximise their assets which gives good financial returns for both parties.